Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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A long day with work, buying the first-born top of the line catchers gear and him practicing. Just rolled in after starting the day at 4:45. Three day weekend ahead so life's all good.

Anyway, here's what's happening.

-Haiti is an absolute horror show. From the way P.J. O'Rourke described it in one of his books...All the Trouble in the World I believe, the situation has gone from brutal to grotesque over the last few decades. The last thing they needed was a natural disaster after suffering floods a few years ago. They are predicting at least 100,000 dead and that will surely climb. Prayers to them all but not to the vile Pat Robertson who has earned his place in hell in my opinion. God's not going to be too happy with old Pat when he calls him home.

-Dem staffer and Coakley aid who attacked a Weekly Standard reporter: "Hey, sorry for body slamming you, dude". Link to the far-left Greg Plum so click at your own risk then wash your hands. Pic at right is Coakley not caring that a man asking her questions is flailing on the ground.

-Good Lord! The Commissioner of the IRS uses a tax preparer because he finds the tax code "too complex". Here's an idea a-hole, simplify the tax code with a flat tax so that you and "Turbo Tax" Timmy Geithner can figure it out.

-Why the Eunuch Bomber chose seat 19A. As if you're not scared shitless enough about flying.

-Uber-Lib Alec Baldwin turns on Obamacare. When you lose Hollywood, it's time to scrap the whole ridiculous bill. BTW, when I think of Alec Baldwin, I always think of him this way as portrayed in Team America: World police:

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