Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Baseball Fan's Take On McGwire

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I know, shocker! Big Mac was on 'roids.

While being 100% against the use of steroids, I can't completely condemn him and here's why.

Baseball was in a bad place in the late '90's and the fans were still pissed about labor strife. Canceling the World Series in 1994 was just too damn much for those of us who live and die with our teams.

People deserted America's game in droves and I felt like we were seeing the end of it's popularity. We heard that soccer, lacrosse and spring football were going to replace it.

Enter the Maris homerun chase with McGwire and Sosa and all of a sudden baseball got a shot in the arm (pun definitely intended). They were both roided up but no one cared because our love of baseball returned.

Neither deserve the Hall of Fame least as long as they keep Pete Rose out but I digress. Not when McGwire's arms made Popeye look like a pussy and Bonds' head grew a few sizes making him look like the Elephant Man while smashing records that should be re-instated tomorrow.

So, for the record, I abhor that Big Mac cheated but I appreciate what he did to bring baseball back. That's the extent of my sympathy and admiration.

As an aside to McGwire: Dude, the crying thing is bullshit and you know it. Have you opted to stop testosterone and inject estrogen? Man up, dude, it's friggin' embarrassing.

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