Saturday, January 02, 2010

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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The college bowl season continues with a nice win by Penn State over LSU yesterday. The Flyers lost at Fenway yesterday so it was a wash.

Anyway, here's what's news:

-Evan Thomas always gets it wrong from inside his liberal bubble. America is not in the center but center-right and always has been.

-Tim Blair on teaching our young to serve the old.

-Expect Obama's poll numbers to suffer once he starts the immigration debate. The GOP will play it as amnesty and pound the fact that we have the worst unemployment in decades.

-Obama's "bin-Ladin determined to strike in US" moment.

-Reason #1,254,809 to not watch the NBA and it's collection of pampered thugs.

-Britain facing worst winter in 100-years. CRU better hide the decline.

-The One loses the CIA.

-The Navy of the future will be a far cry from the Navy I knew. Much, much cooler, though.

-Here's time lapse video of the rink being constructed at Fenway (via Ace):

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