Saturday, January 02, 2010

(Not So) Fearless Predictions for 2010

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2009 went out with what could have been a bad bang but for the actions of passengers on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit where an al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadi couldn't actuate the bomb he contained in his crotch. Yet another sign that yes, we are still at war regardless of what Obama may think.

That said, here's my predictions for the next twelve months:

-Unemployment will drop in the summer but not nearly enough to help the Democrats come November. I'm predicting it will rise in quarter one then begin a slow descent through the rest of the year.

-The GOP will not take back the Senate but will come closer in the House. The GOP will pick up Specter's seat for sure.

-The Eagles will finally win a championship (this is more hopeful than prescient).

-The Flyers and Sixers won't.

-The Phillies will win the NL East again.

-Villanova will make the Final Four again.

-We will get attacked again by al-Qaeda.

-Yemen will become the central point in the War on Terror.

-Obama will not refer to it as the War on Terror.

-The healthcare bill will pass in a much more watered-down version than the Senate has passed.

-Obama will suffer politically because of it.

-Sarah Palin will continue to be a player in conservative circles. The media will continue to take cheap shots at her.

-Global warming shenanigans will continue to be exposed putting a final stake in the heart of cap and trade.

-Obama will raise taxes.

-China will say no to buying anymore of our debt.

-The dollar will slide and inflation will rise.

-Israel will take action in Iran. Iran will respond with a missile aimed at Tel Aviv shot down by American anti-missile technology setting off battles on the Iran-Iraq border.

-Hezbollah will attack Israel in response to the bombings and Syria will use the chaos to enter Lebanon again.

-Russia will continue to play games with weapons control and weapons proliferation. Obama will not say anything about their actions.

-Obama will alienate no less than four of our key allies.

-Obama will not bow to another world leader. He will make other faux pas when meeting them however.

-Obama's poll numbers will stabilize around 44% but will not go above 50% unless a catastrophic event occurs and he actually shows leadership.

-Harry Reid will lose as will Chris Dodd, Roland Burris, Byron Dorgan and Blanche Lincoln.

-Hannah Giles will continue to make her mark on the news and the media will continue to ignore her.

-Obama will continue to try to please everyone while pleasing no one and further alienating his base.

-The administration's efforts to claw out of the recession will be shown to have been farcical as program after program is dubbed a failure.

-Charles Johnson's sad descent into the fever swamps of the left will continue.

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