Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obama's Spending Addiction

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There's one thing you can generally count on from Democrats in an election year. They will cater to the black constituency whom they ignore all other times; They will try to go to the right to make themselves look less liberal; and they will always put off any tough decision until after the election is over.

Obama knows that the Dems are scared and the Brown win in Mass. only made them more angst-ridden. He also knows that the reason Brown won and Dems are trailing in many races is because people are pissed about the gross spending he's done with our money. He can't ditch health care now or he loses his far-left base, which is the only solid bloc he has left. So he has to play the game of talking about deficit reduction.

But like a heroin junkie, he's gonna kick that spending habit tomorrow...or in this case, he'll beat that jones in November:

Trying to win the votes of fiscal moderates, President Barack Obama formally endorsed legislation Saturday creating an independent commission with the power to force Congress to vote on major deficit reduction steps this year, after the November elections.

Obama’s statement gives new momentum to efforts in the Senate now to attach such legislation this coming week to a pending debt ceiling bill. But the endorsement comes so late that it risks being seen as just a ploy to win over swing Democratic senators whose votes the White House needs to lift the federal debt ceiling.
Everyone opposes it because the Dems need pork to win and the GOP sees massive tax increases and has the foresight to know who Obama's going to try to blame.

The GOP has to stand united and throw this piece of shit proposal back at the White House. Hammer him that he has to reduce spending before they will even talk about it. Not slight spending cuts but a full-scale rollback of government spending cutting out the fat in every sector. Eliminating programs that are useless or redundant and abolishing cash cows like the NEA.

It's time for the GOP to stand as one with the backing of the nation and scream at Obama to stop. Give him no room to maneuver and no quarter. This is a war that we've turned decidedly in the last six-months. Brown's win was the Battle of Midway following last November's Pearl Harbor. We've stemmed the tide and won a decisive victory where we didn't expect to. It's time to mobilize and continue with a strong front that challenges every single spending increase the administration proposes.

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