Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama's Incredible Shrinking Poll Numbers

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How the mighty have fallen. In yet another example of this nation being center-right, we have Obama sinking at a faster rate then, well, anyone in recent memory. We must all be racists.

First from Pollster--an aggregate of The One's numbers:

Not good and Ace notes, the streams are about to cross.

At RCP, Obama is below 50% in the aggregate.

The latest CNN/Opinion Research has him two points under water (from eleven days ago and that's not taking in to account the latest in the health care debate) and Rasmussen has him 11.

This will only get worse when the health care bill is passed that I mentioned. That is polling at depths heretofore unseen. Hell, CNN has support for Obamacare at 36% for and 61% against.

What a meteoric rise and fall. I'm guessing there are a great many incumbents on the blue side that are shitting collective pants with predictions like these.

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