Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Night News & Notes

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It's been a busy week and the events in Obamanation still offer a right-wing blogger plenty of fodder. Plus, you'll never hear me say this again: I am rooting for the Giants this week against the Cowgirls.

Here's what is new is this crazy old world:

-First the Obama administration refused to call the Fort Hood murders terrorism. Now they rub salt in the wounds of the families of those who were the latest victims of Islamo-fascism. We've lost the War on Terror in less than a year.

-The New Jersey legislature knows that gay marriage won't pass the democratic way--by allowing citizens to vote--so they back door it and ram it down our throats. No pun intended.

-The Copenhagen Environmental circle jerk has lost some of it's luster in the midst of Climategate that show the whole Global Warming Swindle to be a scam. Hell, even Al Gore bailed on the sham meeting. Well, since they have nothing to really accomplish, they might as well get some free loving from the local hookers. At least if they're banging the locals, they won't have time to draw up any idiotic carbon reduction bullshit treaty that costs me money. Think about it: dorky scientist's getting some should be sufficient to make them forget why they're there.

-Glad to see that whole Obama approach to Iran is working out so well.

-Obama just sentenced our troops to a nightmare in Afghanistan by not setting a plan for victory, the Climategate story is enormous and being ignored by American media and the LA Times decides to cover hard news instead.

-John McCain calls a spade a spade. It's war vs. AARP who has failed an entire generation of their customers:

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