Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Evening News & Notes

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The Eagles won in a nice come-from-behind victory. Lost Avant and D. Jackson for who knows how long.

Here's what's new:

-Obama can't blame the screw-up of the party crashers on Bush even though he'd love to. No, he'll let the USSS take the blame.

-The Swiss are a bunch of jingoistic, racist Islamophobes for trying to retain what is left of Swiss culture. Good for them taking a stand to protect what remains of a great nation.

-4 police officers are targeted and killed in an incident in Washington state. My prayers to their families.

-Tiger Woods has always been a man I admired. He never listened to the Sharpton's of the world who dearly wanted him to speak out on race issues. He has been one of the three best athletes I've had the pleasure of watching. I have always felt that athletes should be left alone off the field unless they choose to be in the spotlight--something Woods' has not done.
Update: Woods responds on his blog.

That said; he has to get out in front of this and quick. I think he's protecting his wife but talk to the police, dude.

-Sarah Palin is still packing them in and the majority are women.

-Vote early and vote often!

Update: Why are Jews Liberals? It's a question I've asked myself numerous times over the last two decades.

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