Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Anti-Palin Media Has Only Made Her Stronger

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The onslaught of anti-Palin pieces has been awesome to behold. never has this much ink been spilled on one person with the sole aim to discredit someone with the possible exception of Bush heading toward the 2004 election.

The end result for the scumbag media horde? Try 300,000 books sold on the first day, dickheads. How about Oprah earning the highest ratings in two years for Palin's appearance or even this Fox poll that shows her approval rate soaring.

People in general like Palin; her good looks, normal life with the requisite ups and downs and her calm demeanor but strong personality appeals to many. The left hates her because she is an accomplished woman of the right who is against abortion (even when told her unborn child would be a Down Syndrome child) and believes in God and country. Hell, she even has a son in the military in a combat blue collar.

Suck it losers, she's getting a fat payday and you morons in the MSM have helped her beautifully. Thanks.

Exit question: I ask again; is there anyone whose ass you want to beat more than Levi Johnston?


otis.opse said...

Levi is a total douche bag. Obviously, he was man enough to perform the act but he was not enough of a man to be a responsible adult. I believe that is one of the biggest problems in our country. Too many man-children desire to get their nut off but lack the balls to stand up for their mistakes. Our civilization has suffered greatly since the "age of free love." I'd be a hypocrite to say premarital sex is wrong. However, I was smart enough (even when I was hammered) to take the proper precautions.

Scott said...

Agreed. Any man who doesn't take care of his kids and help raise them is a pussy in my opinion.

The dude will slink back to Alaska and end up on next season's Deadliest Catch cutting bait as a greenhorn and getting abused by the vets.