Friday, October 02, 2009

Obama, Oprah & the Olympics = Epic Fail

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The number one rule of politics; whether it be a guy running for mayor of his town or the President of these great United States is to ensure that you don't put yourself in a position to fail. You script everything to the minutest detail and if you don't do so, it's at your own peril. Think Bill Clinton jetting to North Korea to get the two American women away from the vile Kim Jong Ill--do you for one second believe Slick Willy is getting on that plane, posing with the shrimp North Korean dictator and not coming home with those women?

Obama--with great fanfare and his wife and Oprah in tow--went to the vote where they were awarding the 2016 summer Olympic games. Michelle made it clear that it was a "sacrifice" to do so mind you. Anyone who follows politics thought that it was a lead-pipe lock or The One wouldn't have wasted our tax dollars, polluted the atmosphere with the emissions from Air Force One and belittled America for the last eight months.

Er, wrong. Obama's home town lost on the very first friggin' vote.

But wait; you knew the sorry-ass libs would find some way to make the whole laughable event Bush's fault:

In spite of President Obama’s lobbying efforts, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) may have chosen to reject hosting the 2016 summer olympic games in Chicago due to the post-9/11 visa tourist policies established by his predecessor, George W. Bush. Michael Froomkin, Professor at the University of Miami School of Law, is convinced that the “the same stupid anti-visitor policy that is destroying American higher education” also sunk Chicago’s Olympic bid.

Oh, OK. Try to rephrase that first sentence to read "Because of Obama's lobbying efforts" since he's the one who has essentially been telling the world that America sucked until he was elected. We've put on incredibly successful Olympics in Lake Placid (twice), Los Angeles, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Squaw Mountain in the past and are the most qualified by far.

The world loves Obama, or so we've been told. Er, not so much from this ridiculous stunt by the Obamas. Even in the ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize awarded to noted anti-Semite Jimmy Carter charade an American at least won. Today Obama has shown just how far his criticism of America and belittling of our exceptionalism has degraded us in world opinion. Hope and change my friends, hope and change.

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Justin said...

But Obama is doing so much for the country, and has brilliant ideas! He deserved the Nobel Peace Prize! Anyone who can stand up there like and idiot, and convince a majority of the voters to vote for him for being incompetent, deserves it! Okay maybe not. Apparently the conservatives are the dangerous one now. Oh well, at least Chicago got shot down by the rest of the world! To tell you the truth, I wouldn't wanted to come through airport security either!

-Samson S.