Monday, September 21, 2009

Hope & Change Not So Appealing to the Rest of the World

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You remember how the Obama approach to foreign policy was supposed to make the world a much happier place? Remember how we were scoffed at when we said he was idealistic at best and dangerously naive at worst when he said he speak to thugs like Ahmadinejad without preconditions?

Well, luxuriate in the schadenfreude me right wing, racist, terrorist friends:

European allies still refuse to send significantly more troops to Afghanistan. The Saudis basically ignored Mr. Obama’s request for concessions to Israel, while Israel rebuffed his demand to stop settlement expansion. North Korea defied him by testing a nuclear weapon. Japan elected a party less friendly to the United States. Cuba has done little to liberalize in response to modest relaxation of sanctions. India and China are resisting a climate change deal. And Russia rejected new sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program even as Mr. Obama heads into talks with Tehran.
That from the left-wing beacon the NY Times. When they have to admit it, things are bad indeed.

They neglected to even mention Obama dissing Gordon Brown over the Lockerbie issue or Poland who The One screwed over (on a day equivalent to their 9/11) last week to appease Russia and received nothing and let us not forget the rest of the EU who aren't exactly feeling the love:

A growing rift between the US and Europe is overshadowing Tuesday’s United Nations climate change summit in New York, further damping hopes for a breakthrough at the Copenhagen talks in December.

Connie Hedegaard, the Danish environment minister, lowered expectations, saying: “Things are looking difficult and too slow, that is the fact.”

The downgrading of expectations comes as relations between the US and Europe, which started the year of talks as allies, near breakdown.

...“So far, we thought the basic problem was the Chinese and the Indians. But now I think the problem appears to lie most clearly with the US,” a European Commission official said. Talks were “not going well”.
So what nations are overjoyed with the presidency of our man Barack? North Korea, Syria, Iran, Libya...

Damn, I just realized I linked to two NY Times pieces and they were both semi-critical of Nobama.

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