Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kennedy Coverage Makes Me Want To Puke

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Enough already. Ted Kennedy was a drunken slob with a penchant for sexual roughness, a man who would do anything to protect his family even when those in it faced credible charges including rape and was a serial adulterer. In fact, those were his good points.

I'm watching ABC News simply because I'm awaiting the start of the Eagles game and it's on the same station (ironically, Michael Vick is going to play and his offenses seem alot more irrelevant when compared to Kennedy) and they are have been going on for ten damn minutes showing his hearse traveling through the state that was stupid enough to keep electing him.

I'm in shutdown mode when it comes to lionizing such a sleazebag. I'm with Breitbart on the outrage meter on this one. At least some liberals have sense about this and put it into proper perspective.

When the former KKK kleagle Robert Byrd finally kicks, we'll be forced to watch endless stories of how he was a huge supporter of civil rights I assume.

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