Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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The new job is challenging and whipping my ass but I'm making headway. The Phillies traded for last year's AL Cy Young Award winner and Shane Victorino (pictured) is hitting out of his mind so on balance it's a good day.

Here's what's news.

-The Gates Affair continues unabated. I thought race didn't matter anymore in this post-racial Obamanation. Take the race card away from libs and they would have nothing to hold but their collective units.

-Just your typical, neighborhood goat-slaughtering jihadist. But he's a nice man.

-Obama's health care bill dying a slow, slow death. Nice.

-Rest in peace Mrs. Hoft. Prayers to you and your family, Jim.

-Lou Dobbs seems to be taking this whole "birther" thing a bit too far.

-Dude, people in DC are not as hot as I thought.

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