Wednesday, July 08, 2009

TelePrompter-less Obama Makes Bush Sound Like Tony Blair

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In the latest installment of the What Would the Media Have Said Were It Bush section, we have The One stumbling and mumbling through a day in Moscow:

Mr. Obama has seemed tired here, several times fumbling the pronunciation of Mr. Medvedev’s name and Mr. Putin’s title. Beginning a speech here, he mistakenly said he first met his wife in school instead of at the law firm where they actually met. And he misstated his younger daughter’s age.

He was quick on his feet, however, while addressing graduates of the New Economic School. In praising Russian culture, Mr. Obama cited painters, composers, dancers — and a hockey player, The Associated Press reported.
Got that? He screwed up the name of the Russian leader, obliterated the title of the new-age czar, forgot where he met his wife and got the age of his own daughter wrong. Taken alone each would be a case of misspeaking oneself but put together and we have the continuation of a trend. You take the Most Eloquent President Ever away from prepared text and he's almost as prone to verbal gaffes as his Vice President.

If this were Bush, we'd be subjected to an endless loop of the errors on MSNBC and it would be front-page news in the Washington Post and NY Times instead of a blurb in the middle of a story, which tells us it was because he was tired. I guess Bush wasn't allowed to get tired. Besides, citing painters, composers and dancers is something that Bush never would have done because he was an uncultured redneck from Texas so there.

Not to mention the fact that he's now dissed two leaders of major European nations.

He's now off to Rome where he will get the names of the Japanese and Chinese leaders wrong while the media chalks it up to jetlag. He may want to spell Berlusconi's name out phonetically on the inside of his hand since the electrical outlets in Rome are different and the teleprompter may not work there either.

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