Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Liberals Shocked Republicans Attempting to Stop Health Care

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Liberals and Democrats are chagrined to discover that the RNC is working to stop the single-most expensive bill in American history and one that will destroy not only our economy but the best health care system the world has ever seen.

Reported breathlessly by the HuffPo:

A private memo distributed by the Republican National Committee calls for like-minded advocates to help defeat President Barack Obama's health care proposals by delaying its consideration.

The memo, which was obtained by the Huffington Post from a Democratic source, provides the clearest illustration to date of the political playbook being used to stop Democratic attempts at a health care overhaul. Much of the material mirrors the speeches and presentations made by conservatives both inside and out of elected office to date. Obama's plan for health care is deemed an "experiment" and a "risk" that could bankrupt the country and dangerously change the doctor-patient relationship.

In particular, the 12-page memo makes the case that it is a Republican priority to slow down the consideration of health care reform before it can become codified.
Wow, the GOP is stooping so low as to block the worst idea the Democrats have ever had; I for one am flabbergasted they would take such a ruthless tack. I mean, the Dems would never go so low as something like this. They never would have said that the Iraq war was lost to derail (and alienate the troops) or lie about their support for the same war. They'd never try to halt something as important as social security reform or tax cuts either.

Those people in the GOP are just plain mean and have no concept of just how big this is and just how important The One is in the annals of the American story.

I guess the Dems support of healthcare now puts them and Obama in the minority (minority? What are you racist? I guess so--ed)

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