Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday Night News and Notes

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It's snowing nicely in South Jersey, not sticking to the roads but lying on the lawns.

Thngs I found pretty funny today:

I find it funny that liberals are the only ones that care what the NY Times Editorial Board writes and actually will quit because of those words.

I find it funny that when the aforementioned guy quit, he did so emotionally to Andrea Mitchell who no one has taken seriously for years except liberals.

I find it funny that Katie Couric thought she had the scoop of interviewing hero Captain Sullenberger first and ESPN's Ricky Reilly beat her to it.

I find it funny that Dem tax cheats are falling left and right and we can all sit back and make fun of them in clever ways.

I find it funny that shady Democrat Senators feel the need to tell us that Rush Limbaugh has 1st Amendment rights and can criticize Obama.

I find it funny that Hollywood continues to make anti-Bush movies that crash and burn stupendously.

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