Saturday, February 07, 2009

If I Owned a Taco Bell, I'd Want Phelps

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Earlier this week, some forgotten cereal brand bailed on record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps because Phelps was photographed partaking in some the festivities at a November party. Specifically, Phelps was smoking da kine bud out of a bong and one of the party-goers took a pic with their phone and scummily sold it to a British rag.

One has to look at opportunities when they arise and this would be a great one for fast food places. Think about it, Phelps has gotten the attention of that 18-29 year old stoner group. This group is known to smoke the ganja regularly and that leads to the serious affliction called unscientifically "the munchies". If I'm Taco Bell, McDonald's or Wendy's, I'm calling Phelps' agent as we speak to get that boy on my ads. Sales would rocket--especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

As one who was once young, I can see an ad man's dream here. Say, hypothetically, some dudes are out on a Friday cruising and the chick scene is not really happening. You know they'll pull over and spark a fatty. Thirty minutes later, it's time to eat and fast food meets that urge...I'm guessing a few triple stack tacos from Taco Bell would satisfy that craving. Good for the young men and good for Taco Bell. A classic win-win. In this economy, businesses have to think outside the box.

Subway sees my logic as they've opted to ride it out with Phelps.

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