Sunday, February 08, 2009

Anti-Semitism Never Goes Outta Style

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Especially in Europe:

A high-ranking diplomat at the Foreign Office has been arrested after allegations that he launched a foul-mouthed anti-Semitic tirade.

Middle East expert Rowan Laxton, 47, was watching TV reports of the Israeli attack on Gaza as he used an exercise bike in a gym.

Stunned staff and gym members allegedly heard him shout: 'F**king Israelis, f**king Jews'. It is alleged he also said Israeli soldiers should be 'wiped off the face of the earth'.
His rant reportedly continued even after he was approached by other gym users.

After a complaint was made to police, Mr Laxton was arrested for inciting religious hatred through threatening words and behaviour and bailed until late next month.

The maximum penalty for inciting religious hatred is a seven-year prison term or a fine or both.
Now I'm 100% against jailing o for that metter arresting anyone fo their words. The Brits don't have a 1st Amendment and words carry increased meaning there. The man is a bigot, so what?

The problem I have is that many European leaders--especially those who are working for the UN--have the same mindset. Things haven't changed all that much I would say.

So how bad is it? Try seven per day so far this year in the UK and it only promises to get worse.

I blame the international media for giving the Palestinians a pass and focusing on every incident as if the Israeli's were responsible. They sustained years of rocket attacks into Sderot and other places and it received no press. They take a stand, they are once again international pariahs and we have these attacks.

It's time for Britain to get their priorities straight.

It seems to be a world-wide phenomenon.

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