Monday, February 09, 2009

Global Warming Believers Pick and Choose

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Global warming swindlist's have no shame as made abundantly clear by Tim Blair:

I’m an American climate activist. My heart goes out to all suffering this devastation. I also appeal to you to tell your stories, in blogs or wherever you can; we need your voices to help get climate change laws and treaties passed. Americans don’t understand the harsh reality of GW coming to us all.

Karen, San Francisco, USA
Note that Karen and her vile ilk have said nothing about those in Kentucky who have been suffering without electricity or heat for weeks thanks to a nice storm that dumped icy global warming all over them. I guess that doesn't fit in to the global warming schtick, eh Karen? Plus they're Southerners in a red state so fuck 'em, right? 30 rednecks don't mean anything to the enlightened Friscans I guess. Perhaps if the power was shut off to an abortion mill they'd be worked up. A real shocker she's from Nancy Pelosi's district in San Fran.

If this had been Bush, we'd never hear the end of it but with Obama in power...not so much.

Update: How much does anyone want to bet that Karen is too stupid to realize that it's summer in Australia?

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