Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Power Outage News of the Day

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Just lost power for an hour or so. Thanks to our technology and skilled labor it was back on quickly, no easy feat in an ice storm. Thanks PSE & G, now I can continue to increase my carbon footprint as I was a starting to get the shakes knowing i just wasn't doing my part to increase my output...well, I did light every damn candle in the house so I didn't go completely without spewing carbon.

Anyway, here's some links from around the 'sphere:

Senator Burris was kept from becoming Senator Burris by a Senator who is by far the most embarrassing of the lot. Racist Democrats, just another example of an all white club trying to keep the black man out.

San Fran Dianne backs down on her denunciation of Obama on the insane pick of Panetta for the CIA chief. Perhaps because the incoming prez and his half-wit sidekick showed the proper respect.

Awesome! Obama tied to man who is at center of scandal that forced Richardson to withdrawal. Dude, Chicago politics is about to not only go national but worldwide. Happy days ahead.

Sweet! Hugo Chavez is forced to make some changes to policy because he doesn't have those crazy petrol dollars to throw around. I sense a coup coming.

Shocka! Jews targeted in France. It must have been those damn non-religious "youths" we hear so much about.

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robert verdi said...

Obama and a huge chunk of the Democratic party are more then tied to this man, check out this information:
This is the story and a round up of the scandal.

This is a summary of what CDR did including such pleasant aspects as the exploitation of Alzheimer patients.