Thursday, January 01, 2009

Israel/Gaza Thursday Update

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Reporters--even those covering the battle--don't get it. That's because they've never understood the issues of the region as a whole and the Israel-Palestinian situation in particular. Perhaps that's why they are so quick to paint Israel as the aggressor every time the situation flares up.

The ground invasion preparations continue and the situation still remains fluid. Talk of a truce is ongoing but the Israeli's would be wrong to stop before taking out as much of the terrorist leadership as possible.

The IAF bombed a mosque being used to for rocket storage. The media will portray the IAF as heathens for bombing it just like they always do. The Arabs attacked Israel on its holiest day once and a Hamas once blew up innocent civilians during a seder but the biased media can't abide the IAF taking out a mosque that ceased being one once the terrorists hauled rockets into it. All in all, the IDF is using Internet-disseminated video to their advantage.

I feel so much better knowing the feckless UN is about to get involved. The international community has always been fair with regard to Israel.

To be clear, I'm not a supporter of bombing innocent women and children. Yet, when the Iranian-backed "government" in Gaza continues to bombard Israel with rockets that have no other purpose than to indiscriminately kill and situate those rockets in heavily populated residential areas, they deserve to answer to their fellow Palestinians exactly why they've adopted this tactic.

Israel has the latest weapons supplied by us and use the same doctrine we do: avoid civilian deaths at all costs.

Update: The IAF sent senior Hamas leader Sheikh Nizar Rayyan to meet Allah and enjoy his 72 virgins. The mission appears to be going according to plan.

Update: By the looks of this pic, it seems as though the Iranians are having problems resupplying Hamas. Perhaps they should ask Cynthia McKinney for assistance:

Those living in Israel always keep their sense of humor, Yisrael.

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