Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Evening News and notes

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It's cold...correction, damn cold in the Northeast. Stay inside, drink a nice adult beverage and peruse these links.

Ace finds this gem: The Iraqi murder rate is lower than it was under Saddam and a whole lot lower than it is in the good old US of A.

The scepticism about global warming is increasing every day.

Human Events names Gov. Sarah Palin Conservative of the Year and deservedly so.

China and India feel the sting. US spending decrease hitting them hard.

Via my Father-in-Law (who should start a blog): Shariah Law, the bailout and AIG.

The MSM always crows that they are better than bloggers because they have checks and balances plus excellent editors. Apparently the NY Times laid those folks off.

Update: Bush confidante Ed Gillespie spells out the facts about the Bush years.

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