Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Bliss: Franken's Attempt to Steal Election Rejected

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Sweet. My heart is pumping immense amounts of piss for Stuart Smalley:

Minnesota's powerful canvassing board ruled 5-0 on a motion NOT to accept rejected absentee ballots in the closely-watched recount between GOP incumbent Norm Coleman and comedian-turned Democratic senatorial candidate Al Franken in a high-profile meeting.

Some Republicans worried Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and canvassing board member was not going to vote for the motion, but he did in the end.

Coleman is currently leading the recount by a narrow margin. This request to the board was considered a last-ditch effort by the Franken campaign to gain more ballots. Roughly 12,000 absentee ballots were rejected in Minnesota.

Franken has been doing everything possible--in concert with George Soros--to make a mockery of our electoral system. Today he was shot down in glorious flames.

Coleman's looking like he will narrowly maintain that seat and the Dems will not have the veto-proof majority they covet.

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