Monday, November 10, 2008

Shocker! Bombed Syrian Site Was Nuke Facility

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Leave it to the Israeli's to give the world the finger and handle issues of concern to their national security on their own:

Samples taken from a Syrian site reportedly bombed by Israel on suspicion that it was a covert nuclear reactor contained traces of uranium combined with other elements that merit further investigation, diplomats said Monday.

The diplomats - who demanded anonymity because their information was confidential - said the uranium was processed and not in raw form, suggesting some kind of nuclear link.
Emphasis mine.

The IAEA tried their best to play down the significance of this but they had no choice but to release this info. This is the clearest indication that Syria was nearer to a nuke weapon than anyone would admit and shows once again just how feckless the UN offshoot IAEA really is.

Just as they did in 1981 when PM Menachem Begin--fearing the next government would be slow to act--attacked the Osiraq nuclear facility in Iraq, Israel had to act on intel showing Syria was nearing the makings of a nuclear warhead. They attacked (allegedly with US assistance or at least a nod from Bush) and took out what Boy Assad had in the planning stages.

Next on the agenda for the IAF is Iran. It will be a much harder nut to crack as the Iranians have been smarter in hiding their weapons and their overall program. Look for the attack to occur prior to Obama taking office.

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