Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Sarah Palin Phenomenon Continues

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Sarah Palin remains a superstar:

Three weeks after the Republican ticket suffered a sweeping defeat at the polls, Sarah Palin continues to dominate search engine queries, cable news and online video sites.

The only American politician who generates comparable interest is President-elect Barack Obama. No one else is close.

Palin was the most popular Lycos search from the week she joined the ticket continuously through last Sunday, some two weeks after the election, when she was dethroned by Paris Hilton, the celebutante whom John McCain famously compared to Barack Obama.
Palin is ambitious but doesn't come off as overly so like Hillary, she's photogenic, she's intriguing with her outdoorsy personna and let's face it, she's hot. The woman has five kids and looks smoking whenever she's in the media glare (note pic of her touring Kuwait at right). This isn't just Republicans who are looking her up, it's Democrats as well.


“People are projecting their values onto Sarah Palin, and in some sense, she reflects them back,” said Mark Corallo, a Republican media strategist. “She’s a conservative, she’s young, and she’s attractive. She speaks to something that’s been missing from the Republican Party.”
What, Rove, Gingrich, Lott, Huckabee, Thompson and McCain don't fit into that "young, attractive" category?

Note the comments, liberals really fear her as is shown by the stupid references and other smears. She's got them flummoxed.

Update: I meant to another part of what makes her different. She's not a hypocrite, her son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero and she opted to have the baby rather than abort him (probably the number one thing that liberals hate about her). Her eldest child is fighting in Iraq as we speak and when she was forced by the vultures in the media to reveal that her daughter was pregnant, she handled it with class and dignity. Americans identify with her because she is one of us, one with family issues and day-to-day problems that every one of us face and struggle through.


robert verdi said...

she is the only one of the top 4 running for office who actually changed anything for the better.

Mats said...


Oh wait. Wrong blog and wrong politician.

e said...

I really continue to like sarah. It's such a shame that the illuminati MSM continues to pick her apart as much as possible, though.