Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hey, I Guess We Aren't Racist After All

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Well, at least those who support Obama are not:

And yet Mr. Obama’s strength across racial lines lies at the heart of his lead in the polls over Senator John McCain heading into Election Day. Remarkably, Mr. Obama, the first black major party presidential nominee, trails among whites by less than Democratic nominees normally do.
It finally is clear to the Times that we are not a racist nation. That must really screw up their paradigm.

But wait, they still have to paint the GOP as racist:

America’s political parties grew decisively polarized by race after 1964, the year President Lyndon Johnson signed civil rights legislation that his Republican presidential opponent, Barry Goldwater, opposed. Since then, election pollsters estimate, Democratic nominees have averaged 39 percent of the white vote. In last week’s New York Times/CBS News poll, Mr. Obama drew 44 percent support among whites — a higher proportion than Bill Clinton captured in his general election victories.
See how they did that? The Times neglected history and failed to report the fact that 80% and 82% respectively of the GOP supported LBJ in both the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act and without their support, it never would have passed (as opposed to the Democrats 61% and 69%). Goldwater demurred on political, not racial grounds but it was the Dixiecrats (note they weren't called the "Dixiepubs) led by Al Gore's father and Senator Fulbright--mentor of Bill Clinton--who opposed it strictly on racial grounds. That seemed to slip the mind of Mr. Harwood.

Oh well, regardless of whether Obama wins or not, America has had exactly one more Black man run on a major ticket for leader than any nation in Europe.

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