Monday, November 03, 2008

The Final Case Against Obama

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It's now approaching zero hour and the situation is not looking promising. Yet, all hope is not lost because conservative are generally very optimistic people as shown most recently in Galveston where they suffered ever bit as much storm damage as NOLA yet received 1/1000th of the coverage. Instead, they helped themselves, which is another conservative trait.

Here's my last post on why The One is not the one.

Obama has promised to reduce taxes on the "middle class", a group he has yet to define. It was $250K, then $200K then $150K. That will be down to the $42K range by January. The fact that it is not a tax cut but is a one-time check is not explained by the campaign. A tax cut is not a once-only deal but is in place for years. Plus, he will not renew the Bush tax cuts so any cuts will be offset by 2010 when they expire. The exact worst thing to do is raise taxes, hell, Even John F. Kennedy reduced taxes when economic times were tough.

National Defense:
We have the best, most highly trained and technical military the world has ever seen. Rep. Frank, a man who seems to gain more clout by the day has called for a 25% reduction in military spending while we are in the midst of fighting two wars. Obama has also, quite chillingly, called for a "civilian national defense force" that he promises will be as big and have as large a budget as our conventional military. Saddam had one of those as does Ayatollah Khamanei, it's called the Republican Guard. In previous centuries it was known as a palace guard. He is proposing a huge, armed force that will rival the military and created by him that will be staffed by people who are loyal to him. Call me paranoid, but a man that has shown he intends to curtail the 2nd Amendment as soon as possible and also calls for an armed pseudo-military just plain makes me fucking uneasy.

Obama dreams of a new economy based on so called "green jobs". I'm in the environmental business and it ain't going to happen unless billions are poured into the venture. Like recycling was supposed to create new jobs and didn't neither will this. Add to that that the man is on tape promising that the coal industry will be "bankrupted", thus putting hundreds of thousands of coal workers and the industries that service them out of work. His plan to force healthcare on small business owners, the surety of him increasing the minimum wage and the tax burdens he will levy on every industry will ensure that businesses flee America in numbers never seen before.

Foreign Policy:
The biggest fraud perpetrated upon the American people in the last several years is the lie that other nations hate us because of Bush's policies. Here's a bit of history for those who believe that: outside of Britain, Australia, Japan, Poland, Canada (mostly) and Ireland, they've always hated us. They may support us on occasion because they want something from us (a friend in need...) and then will go on bad-mouthing us again. This had nothing to do with Bush or Iraq and everything to do with other nations seeking to be a super power militarily, economically or both. We stand in their way but the world got a real kick in the ass when they watched their domestic economies tank when ours started to. Obama will play the appeaser who goes to all these countries with hat in hand apologizing for our past perceived (by liberals) misdeeds. He will withdrawal from Iraq prematurely and leave a gaping hole that will be filled immediately by Iran in the east and the Saudis in the west.

An Unstoppable Social Tsunami:
With the Pelosi-led House potentially exceeding a veto-proof majority and the Senate coming pretty damn close, Obama will be able to set the social and fiscal agenda that may take two decades to undo. Socialized medicine, increases in welfare, massive funding to fight a neo-War on Poverty, destruction of our fossil-fuel based economy and the trampling of individual right such as freedom of speech will be the new "Great Society" fallout.

This guy is not the guy we need. It's not that I don't want a black man (which I'm constantly accused of), I don't want this black man. His history of hanging with the likes of Wright, Ayers and Khalidi is not the history an American president should be proud to have. His gross inexperience will haunt us in every major event that comes his way. I know, I know, he'll have great advisers like Colin Powell, etc. If I wanted Colin Powell to make the decisions (or Rubin or Kerry or...), I would be voting for him.

The man failed in one of the biggest decisions a candidate can make--picking a VP. He picked Biden who has essentially been thrown in a closet duck taped for the last week so he won't say another stupid thing. Yeah, I can believe in that.

We all have a major decision to make tomorrow that will affect our nation at a crucial moment. Vote with your head and not with your heart and choose McCain/Palin.

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