Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why Do The Democrats Hate Europe?

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The Democrats have been keen on pointing out that Pres. Bush in particular and the GOP as a whole are just not nuanced and continental enough for Europeans who are sick of our "cowboy" mentality.

Explain to me why they would allow Europe to suffer while they took a day off in the midst of the biggest financial crisis in decades:

France heaped pressure on Gordon Brown last night by floating an ambitious plan for a €300 billion (£237 billion) bailout fund to rescue crippled banks across Europe.

As the world held its breath on the fate of America’s $700 billion bank bailout plan, President Sarkozy was seeking the backing of European leaders for his own lifeboat.
Nancy Pelosi shut down the House for Rosh Hoshanna--the Jewish new year celebration--while Europe was left floundering. If the House had been in session on Tuesday, perhaps the world markets would have been calmed somewhat and the Irish banks would not have had to take the actions they did, further worsening the crisis for the continent and the EU.

Pelosi's inaction has left our allies and business partners with a feeling of hopelessness simply because she wants to play politics with this issue. When a crisis of this magnitude erupts, it shouldn't matter if it's election day, Ramadan, New Years Day or Christmas, the House should have stayed in session to assuage the tension felt globally. But then, Pelosi shut down the House in August to go on a book tour while average Americans were struggling mightily with high gas prices so we shouldn't be too surprised.

Pelosi's inaction may have worsened this crisis more than we'll know because she decided to act...should we say, unilaterally like a cowboy?

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