Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vetting the Media

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This is an idea that is well past the time to explore:

A lot of people want to know why we shouldn't begin "vetting" the media -- and by "vetting," I do in fact mean vetting. I mean starting a fund to put f**king detectives on them and begin outing them, one by one:

In the closet.

Hits his wife.

F**king her editor.

Stoned out of his mind on coke half the time.


And to reduce costs, I'm sure some budding citizen journalists-detectives would be wiling to take a night a week following these bastards around, taking pictures.
Now I'm not into invading any one's privacy but these people have been so in the tank for Obama and have used their investigative skills to destroy "Joe the plumber" and have done everything possible to sink Sarah Palin while ignoring every single Obama controversy so Isay it's time. It's time to follow them around and use our First Amendment rights to the full extent.

Let's interview these people, on camera and in the element they think they are comfortable. Let's ask why they are not paying their taxes or why their house seems to have gotten new siding when the industry is in the midst of a major recession. Let's make them sweat and let's, as bloggers, link to every single story that citizen journalist's write.

They've picked a fight they don't want and this particular site will be the battleground and clearing house.

It's officially on.


Treacher's doin yeomans work.

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