Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon News

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On this sleety, cold day--the first fireplace day of the year--I bring you the latest buzz from around the Internet:

Vets for Freedom takes it to Murtha who is in a real battle for his Congressional seat. It doesn't pay to accuse US Marines of murder, Congressman.

The Dems are stacking the deck in Ohio. Cheating comes quite naturally to them. Felons, the homeless, the deceased and finally people who don't exist at all are all pulling for Obama.

Rep. Barney Frank is gearing up to spend your money with reckless abandon. perhaps he'll even legalize prostitution clubs in his apartment so he doesn't have to deal with that unfortunate illegality again.

Some of the media have retained their respectability.

When your little-watched news channel gets ridiculed by both Hollywood libs and conservatives, it may be time to hang it up. love the rip at Olbermann.

All links from the great Lucianne.com including this editorial cartoon:

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