Friday, October 31, 2008

Scenes From The Phillies Championship Parade

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Today I took my son and his friends to the Phillies championship parade. It was a mob scene with; I would estimate, at least 300,000 at the stadium complex. Add the hundreds of thousands more along Market St. and Broad St. and you're talking millions.

Here's some pix I snapped so you could get a feel for the utter joy Phillies fans are feeling today:

First we have some pix that show a portion of the crowd...a small portion:

The crowd stretched all the way Broad St. and turned towards Citizens Bank Park off Broad through here.

Here's another view as the crowd stretched out forever. That's Citizens Bank on the Left and Licoln Financial--home of the Eagles in the center with the old Spectrum on the right.

Some things you just didn't need to see and this would be one of them. Beer was flowing freely as you can see.

This idiot climbed over the street on the CB sign and when he got to the other side was quickly grabbed and thrown in a police car for the cruise to the Round House.
People were in a good mood and there was much face painting among the crowd.
Enter the Phillies Phanatic--the best mascot in all of sports. He performed for five straight hours today.Pat Burrell arrived on his own drawn by Clydesdales. He received the honor as he has the longest tenure on the team and thus suffered the most. He brought his dog whom you can see behind him sort of.

More Phanatic. The crowd was really getting pumped.

The old ball coach was looking dapper in a suit. Charlie Manuel seemed overwhelmed.

Ryan Madsen earned his spot this year as the set-up man. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

Talk about a man enjoying himself, Shane Victorino was among the most energetic. I'm sure that bottle was full when the parade started. The "Flyin' Hawaiian" indeed.

Victorino again. He was easily the most cheered player. He epitomizes what Philly fans love: hard-nosed 100% effort all the time. He'll be around a long time in this town.

Jason Werth was another guy enjoying himself. Note the Miller Lite can and I'm sure he had a cooler in the float.

Werth was ecstatic and he definitley pumped up the crowd. He was having fun and after this season, he should be. He was an integral part of this team and should have been MVP of the World Series.

All in all it was a great day with no bad moments. I didn't see a single fight. The only bad thing you'll hear about is the F-bomb Chase Utley dropped in front of 40,000 at the CB Ballpark.

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