Thursday, October 23, 2008

Plotting the Genocide of 25-Million Capitalist's

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Who would discuss such a thing? Pol Pot? Saddam? Hitler? Stalin?

It couldn't be the people who "launched" Barack Obama's political career, could it? I thought I'd have read something about it in the paper.

These are the people who Obama has chosen as mentors and who he blurbed a book for. They are not just acquaintances. They have no qualms about discussing the liquidation of those they ideologically disagree with on a scale unheard of.

One flaw I see in their thinking was that they planned on putting the "re-education camps" in the Southwest. I'm currently in Houston and I would say that there's no way in hell that Texans would just drop their weapons and surrender to scumbags like Ayers and Dornh. I imagine those 25 in the Weather Underground would have ended up as deceased Ivy League grads.

Watch the video below.

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