Thursday, October 23, 2008

AP Poll Has Obama/McCain Even

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Statistically at least:

The presidential race tightened after the final debate, with John McCain gaining among whites and people earning less than $50,000, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll that shows McCain and Barack Obama essentially running even among likely voters in the election homestretch.

The poll, which found Obama at 44 percent and McCain at 43 percent, supports what Check Spellingsome Republicans and Democrats privately have said in recent days: that the race narrowed after the third debate as GOP-leaning voters drifted home to their party and McCain's "Joe the plumber" analogy struck a chord.
As expected, the middle class will have a great deal to say in this election. It's going to be closer than thought, folks.

This may be the year that not only the media died but polling as well as they are all over the place.


Anonymous said...

Polls are polls. Clearly Obama is leading in the polls and by a good amount. One poll saying it is one point but all the others saying 10+. Regardless I do not see how McCain is going to get the numbers he needs that matter - Electoral.

Scott said...

Don't count your doobies before they're rolled as a Deadhead once told me.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is just a bunch of white racists. It is filled with a bunch of Angry White Guys (and Gals) who think the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act ruined America because it made it a lot harder for whites from Ireland, England, France, Germany, Italy, etc. to immigrate to the U.S. and made it a lot easier for the Chinese, Indians, Jamaicans, Mexicans, Egyptians, etc. to immigrate to the U.S. What these racists don't GET is that the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act (Thank You Senator Ted Kennedy) greatly increased Diversity in the U.S. which has made OUR Nation stronger and a much more multicultural place to live. Before 1965 Whites of European descent made up 88% of the U.S. population. Now whites only make up 65% of the U.S. population and by 2042 they will only make up 49% of the population. By 2100 Whites of European descent will only make up about 30% of the U.S. population and also by the year 2100 only 3% of the World Population will be White. The 2008 Election is just a turning point in American History though. By the end of this century white Europeans will be out of power in the United States(FINALLY!) and then we can make REAL CHANGES. The World is Flat. The white racist Republicans just don't seem to get it!

Scott said...

Hmmm...You might recall that in 1965, another act was passed: The Voting Rights Act. It was not passed by the Dems but the GOP who LBJ expressly thanked. A little education here:

Al Gore, Sr. fillibustered the vote and most Dems hated that those "uppity negroes" would get the right to vote like us "white folk".

It was the Dixiecrat party, not the Dixiepub. I too feel that diversity is good and you're implying I'm a racist because I don't want a socialist in officde. Nice inclusiveness, that.

Learn a little history and you won't sound so damn ignorant.