Monday, October 13, 2008

The MSM's New Meme: McCain/Palin Inciting Violence

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Although there's been no evidence to support the theory, it's the newest meme and will be with us until election day.

The media can't quite grasp why Obama hasn't been able to take off in this race, he meets all the criteria they have established as the good criteria. It also is a war for them, they banded together to beat Bush in 2000 and they lost. They redoubled their efforts in 2004 and lost. They sensed their medium is waning and are desperate at this point to prove they are still the force they claim to be even though the distribution numbers and overall credibility they have are at a nadir.

They are fighting mad and will parrot any Dem talking points they can because they actually want to believe that McCain and especially Palin are whipping up the crowd like a good old fashioned KKK rally or Nazi meeting. The fact that it isn't true doesn't matter now as they eschewed any pretense of fairness long ago.

Michelle Malkin has a rebuttal. Here's some other examples of inciting violence that never made it to the mainstream media because some incitement to violence is good (the liberal kind) while not actually inciting violence is bad so they make things up (update, Treacher has more):

Photos courtesy of the excellent Zombie.

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