Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Inquirer's Training Camp

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The Inquirer sent an intrepid reporter to Rowan University to do a story on a professor who's teaching a class entitled Covering the Campaign. In it, she's "teaching" the students how the media covers the campaign and teaching them how they should cover a future campaign should they become reporters or essayist's.

To give you an idea of her diverse sources of info, we see that she chose to discuss content from the following:

In this class, she is making sure that her students consume media for lunch. During a 75-minute class, the following are cited: PBS, XM Radio, Jon Stewart, Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, the Daily Kos blog and the Vineland Daily Journal newspaper.
Now I'm not sure about the Vineland Daily Journal but the rest are all unabashedly liberal sources. PBS is the primary liberal radio outlet the libs have (because of course it's paid for by the government), the XM Radio station is probably Air America, Jon Stewart...enough said, Good Morning America is less liberal than the today show but is still very liberal, 60 Minutes will bash every Conservative they can and the Daily Kos, a blog that is at once anti-Semitic and led by a man who said of contractors killed in Fallujah: "Screw them". Yeah, real balanced.

I would guess the only reason the Inqy sent their reporter there was to ensure that the future MSM employees were being properly indoctrinated. It seems they most certainly are.

Perhaps Rowan can also offer a class on media conflicts of interest next semester with Gwen Ifill as guest professor.

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