Monday, October 06, 2008

Calling the Dems Bluff: GOP Should Propose "Green" Jobs

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The Democrats have been calling for so called "green" jobs for awhile now yet haven't been too precise in defining exactly what those jobs are. I think it's time we define those jobs for them.

We can knock 1% off the unemployment rate immediately by fast-tracking these projects and it will have an affect in all areas of the country.

First, anyone with a half a brain knows that we are going to need oil for the foreseeable future--I'd say at least thirty more years for diesel, jet fuel, home heating oil, solvents and other fuels used by power plants such as #6 fuel oil. Gasoline use will be severely curtailed in fewer years based on the newest production vehicles coming on line. We should propose a 10-year plan to extract all the oil we can in the most environmentally safe manner science and cost effectiveness allow. Second, we set out an ambitious plan to build new, high tech refineries in every region of the country, for instance: North Jersey/New York, South Jersey/Philly/Delaware, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, Chicago, etc. Say thirty new refineries using the best available technology and designed to meet the strictest environmental standards (see this proposed refinery in S.Dak). The refineries will be able to handle light, sweet crude, high sulfur oil such as that from Venezuela as well as oil sands or shale oil (as much as I hate the bailout bill, there is some good in it). The trickle-down effect would be dramatic as suppliers would immediately revamp and ramp up to supply all the parts needed. The government or whatever banks remain after the financial meltdown offer the oil companies loans at a fair rate and since we know they are much more solvent than the financial sector, those loans will be paid back.

The construction would take three to five years for each facility and would shore up a flagging construction industry at a time it's sorely needed. The Dems would face fierce blow back from the labor unions were they to fight this as they are starting to see huge percentages of their membership "sitting on the bench". Non-working members means no money flowing into the unions, which means that union leaders will have to explain why they are still raising their salary while the rank and file are sitting home out of unemployment benefits while still having to pay inflated dues.

Next, we push hard for new nuclear power plants throughout the country but allowing the individual states the right to say yes or no to construction. Again we streamline the process to ensure the newest technology will be utilized while also cutting the red tape for approvals. Today's plants are smaller, more efficient and safer. We also set strict security guidelines that would make them safer than any existing facilities in the world. With the anticipated opening of the Yucca Mountain site, we have a disposal option for spent fuel available soon.

Next we push for the creation of a natural gas pipeline that can distribute natural gas around the nation. It's clean and plentiful.

Finally, we should propose to shore up the existing electrical grids we have and build or repair those that are in poor condition. A joint effort between the various regional utilities and the federal government would go far to attaining this goal. Again, the loans will be at a fair-market rate and the government could guarantee a portion if need be (but only a portion).

Add to this idea the construction of more wind energy facilities, solar collection centers and research the idea of hydro power through tides or other water sources, we could put a good amount of Americans to work quickly on long-term projects.

FDR did this in the 30's and 40's but paid with government funds, I would propose it be accomplished all with private funds with cooperation between banks, energy companies and the various agencies of the government that stand in the way of progress as a mater of course.

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I have started to see green jobs on certain employment sites, heres a few (professional networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to jobs)

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