Wednesday, October 29, 2008

$175K Offered For Obama/Ayers/Khalidi Video

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There's got to be another copy of this incriminating video and I'm thinking the guy or girl who gave it to the LA Times has it. Nobody with an iota of intelligence would give that tape up without making a copy and I'm sure that 175-large could help them out quite a bit. Here's the story:

Just got off the phone with an individual who has agreed to throw in another $25,000. This person checks out and has identified him/herself as a Freeper who uses the handle joinedafterattack.

This need not be the same video as the L.A. Times has. Just video that shows the event is what we’re looking for.

FOX News just reported that the known Jew-bashing contents of the video along with the L.A. Times refusal to release it has now become a part of Sarah Palin’s stump speech.
Man, the Times is going to come out of this looking really bad. A paper that is laying folks off left and right can't be doing what they're doing.

I wonder if the Obama campaign has info on who gave up the tape and I wonder if it provided by the Times. I also wonder if the Obama campaign offered to buy $175,000 worth of advertising from the Times today.


Michael Ryan said...

Obama has spent nearly a billion dollars on his campaign. I'm guessing he could pay 100 to 1000 times that paltry reward to keep them sitting on it. And if they did, it might finally get the LAT out of the red for a quarter.

Scott said...

Or two.