Monday, September 01, 2008

Palin Pregnancy

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She's 17 and made a mistake. She's marrying the guy and seems to have the support of her family and the father. Anyone who has kids or was a kid can see how these things happen. Enough said by me although the scum on the other side should have a damn field day. Hey, nothing's off limits with those lying jackals.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering and waiting...

It is not about the mistake - they happen. It is about the hypocrisy. She wanted to teach abstinence only in schools. Well, I guess that did not work so well in your home. Do you know how bad things have to be to get pregnant at the young age - barely a child!? I know what I was doing along with my close girlfriends at seventeen. Do you really not see how this flies in the face of typical conservative, family values? Does having unprotected sex as a teenager still in high school fall along those lines? Like you said, this young girl made a mistake... a mistake that was avoidable and it is up to our parents to teach us and guide us. Something was missing here. I wish you could at least see that. But you won't. Why not come on here and say CRAP what in the hell is that? Our VP has a pregnant TEENAGER? That does not jive.