Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain Rolls

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John McCain is not a great public speaker, it's not his forte and he doesn't seem all that comfortable doing it. That said, he did what he had to last night to get his point across to the American people.

Imagine having to take the stage last night with the image and voice of Sarah Palin still in the minds of people all over the country. Palinmania is sweeping the nation and McCain risked sounding anti-climactic on the closing night of a convention that started sow due to Hurricane Gustav but picked up and peaked on Wednesday when the Governor knocked 'em dead at the convention and was heard by 40-million of her closest friends (and no doubt extremely worried enemies) .

Now McCain can get back to his comfort zone, the town hall meeting where he can ad-lib and show his common touch. Interestingly, that is exactly the opposite of Barrack Obama who thrives on the spectacle-type affair and is a mess of "ers" and "ahs" when speaking off the cuff.

The pressure is still on Palin now that the convention is over and the hard core campaigning commences. How is she on the stump, day to day? We'll find out now.

Exit question: do you think the AP found the single worst picture they could from last night to run?

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