Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain and Obama to Appear Together at Ground Zero

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A good idea. Neither can accuse the other of playing politics because 3,000 lives lost is not a partisan issue.

The good thing is that this will bring the media out in force and put the issue back in the minds of the American public. Sadly, it has lost much of the emotional impact and subsequently the threat of Islamic terror has receded. believe me, it hasn't receded in Pakistan, Afganistan, Hezbollah-held areas in Lebanon, Iran or any of the other radical Islamic strongholds.

History will look back on the War on Terror executed by President Bush and his actions will be looked upon favorably as he has put those who wish to attack us on the defensive for the last seven years. the feeling of fear was everywhere in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 but the Bush plan has kept us from being attacked again.


Leading the country to safety and security after it has been attacked and 3,000 citizens killed in a morning -- that takes courage and we've only seen that in one man. The next President had better possess that sort of courage as well.


Anonymous said...

All the terrorists were Saudis, no?

Scott said...

No. Atta was from Egypt and he was the leader. Two were from the UAE (a virtual Gulf crossroads) and one from Lebanon.,_2001_attacks#List_of_the_hijackers

Anonymous said...

I could not remember... but none of them were from Iraq. Let me ask you - not wanting to start a fight over the war. Obviously I am very against it. But, are you? Are you upset as most Americans about why, how we got in there and that it is such a waste. All the lives lost and for what? You seem like the kind of guy that will say nothing bad about his party - and I get that label from my husband so I am guilty of that too. I have yet to hear anyone even my most conservative friends truly support the war. I take that back - I have one. So where do you stand?