Monday, August 18, 2008

Watching Obama Ad-Lib is Painful

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During the 2000 campaign, Gov. George W. Bush was constantly being challenged in stupid ways including the infamous Who is the new leader of Pakistan? question. Reporters criticized every single misspoken word and Slate magazine started an inane "Bushism's" column detailing every misstep.

Fast-forward to the present and tell me who makes you more uncomfortable speaking, Bush or Obama?

Take the Tele-Prompter away from The Messiah and he's lost. He can't answer questions he knows are coming and resorts to calling McCain a cheater because the Maverick was prepared, concise and on point.

Obama, we are constantly told, is a great speaker and communicator. Have any reporters actually listened to how he delivers thoughts that aren't actually on paper in front of him? It's a nightmare when the man has to think on his feet.

So I ask: would we rather have a man with no experience blunder his way through the next four years not being able to think on his feet or a former naval aviator who has flown in combat and was required to make snap decisions?

Here's the Messiah in action in Jordan:

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