Thursday, August 07, 2008

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Now this is funny, someone affixed an Obama bumper sticker to the "Straight Talk Express."

The CSM probes why the government doesn't impose windfall profits on the movie industry.

Reason #356,796,222 PETA is led by the biggest scumbags in the world. (link fixed)

As always happens once the people get a taste of real communism, they want the lefty leader ousted asap. Maybe Hugo Chavez will be next.

Dude, no.

The case for human-induced Global Warming is rather flimsy once one actually looks at the facts. That sums up Democrats and libs, doesn't it; once they start looking at issues with their head instead of their heart, they tend to see that their deeply held beliefs just look downright silly. It seems that the only campaign failing apart faster than Obama's is the anti-global warming one.

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