Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Night Music--First Set Dead Edition

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Yeah, more Dead but you can never get too much. All from the late 1980's/early 1990's.

I'll start with a song that in essence is the longest pick-up line in creation as noted by a commenter. From the excellent Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA, Jack a Roe from 1989, a show I was at. Jack a Roe was a standard that I believe was the only song they played two consecutive sets in a row:

Next we have the epic Althea from Hampton two years prior. I always loved this first set gem:

Next we have the beautiful Peggy-O from the Philly Spectrum, my stomping grounds and a building on the chopping block. The Dead played there at least fifty times and even Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder reportedly said on stage that any building the Dead played in fifty times should be saved.

Finally, a sweet Cold Rain and Snow from Tinsley Park. This was three days before Brent Mydland died. He sure was lucid during this tour but once again, heroin took him as it did so many others:

For me, I'm going to breathlessy await Barack Obama announcement of his veep by drinking beer in large quantities, watching the Phillies and checking in on pre-season Eagle's action.

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