Thursday, August 21, 2008

Could Obama Really Select Hillary?

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And would she accept?

Questions without answers folks, questions without answers.

The smart political move would be to take on Shrillary, baggage and all to lock up her 18-million+ votes. However, would anyone call the Obama team smart?

The negatives for Obama numerous ranging from sharing the spotlight, dealing with a world-class type-A personality as a running mate, Bubba as a co-running mate and the plethora of ads that would essentially write themselves.

The positives include bringing the DLC crowd back into the fold, having a running mate who knows how to campaign fiercely and one who allows Obama to take the high road while the Shill wallows in the mud as his proxy.

No clear indication at this point who it will be but one can assume that VA guv Kaine and Sam Nunn are out and Biden is just too susceptible to foot in mouth disease so it leave Sebelius, Clinton and Bayh. I see pros and cons with all so the Messiah may just suck it up and take the Shill on in the interest of political expediency, which has never been a problem to this point.

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