Thursday, August 28, 2008

Convention Notes

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The cops roughed up an ABC producer and crew for the unforgivable crime of filming fat cat Democrat elected officials and VIP's on a public sidewalk. In other words, they were arrested for doing exactly what the Constitution penners gave them the right to do. It's not been a great week for the Denver PD and the Democrats ain't looking too good either.

A man everyone hated four years ago is sent out as attack dog against Senator McCain. The Boston Brahman was friends with McCain before he was against him.

Supposed foreign policy genius Joe Biden makes a huge mistake during his speech. Battalions, brigades...what's the dif?

Most of the American public now believes that we are winning the War on Terror. To most right thinking folks, that means the war in Iraq as well. I haven't heard all that much about our victories at this convention, have you. That damn US military robbed the party of The One of his retreat rhetoric.

As of now, Obama has not gotten any significant bounce from this convention. Don't think the Donks aren't a bit nervous about that.

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