Monday, February 11, 2008

When Did the Brits Become Such Wimps?

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In one more not-so-stunning example of British wussiness, they've told their athletes to sign a pledge saying they would not criticize the oppressive Beijing regime while at the Olympics:

Graham Nathan, spokesman for the British Olympics Association (BOA), told CNN that "British athletes will have to sign a contract promising not to comment on any politically sensitive issues."

He added that they won't go further than what is required by the International Olympic Committee charter which restricts demonstrations of political propaganda at an Olympic Games.

Athletes who refuse to sign the agreement will not be allowed to travel to compete in the Games from August 8-24, according to a sunday newspaper report.

British Olympic team members have long been required to sign a contract, but for the first time the commitment will include an undertaking not to comment on any politically sensitive issues.
Got that? Regardless of the fact that these athletes have trained for years to become among the best in the world, they can't represent their country until they sign an agreement that says they won't point out unseemly events like the murder of protesters, forced abortion and slave labor.

It's official, the Britain of Margaret Thatcher, Christopher Hitchens and other great and moral men and women is gone. In its place we have the feel-good liberal politics of appeasement that would make Neville Chamberlain cringe.

Churchill must be rolling in his grave.

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