Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shifting Paradigms in Primary Races

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It was only mere weeks ago that pundits were musing that the GOP race was a mess and the democratic race was sure to be decided by today. Something interesting happened along the way, a down and out John McCain was resurrected and a sure-fire Hillary Clinton has been exposed and caught by Barack Obama. It's the donkey race that is in disarray.

Today we'll find out just how much each race has changed.

In the big payout state of California, Both Romney and Obama are within three points and both are trending upward. Unfortunately for both candidates Cali is not a winner take all state so they will need to show in other states. Obama is looking pretty good in the South while Romney is a sure winner in Utah and Mass, that may just be enough to keep him alive. A Clinton loss in Cali and a former landslide state like NJ would be devastating to her campaign.

Anyway, tune in tonight when the polls start closing for up to the minute coverage.

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