Monday, February 18, 2008

The Promise of America: Up Close

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I just completed three days in which I trained 500+ hotel workers in Midtown Manhattan. These are the people who make little money but work extremely hard. they were immigrants from Ghana, Trinidad, Haiti, China, Bangladesh, Korea, all over South America and Russia. A veritable UN in other words. They were attentive and happy to be not only working but to be working and living in America.

The company I was doing the work for is an old American corporation so I'm assuming that every one of the people working there have one thing in common--they came here legally.

That's why we have to curb illegal imigration in this country--it's not fair that a man from Ghana should have to jump through the hoops while a man from Mexico doesn't. Fair is fair.

New York shows what is good about America--freedom to be who you want to be if you follow the rules and work hard.

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