Monday, February 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton as Wally Pipp

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Have we ever seen an implosion in politics like the Hillary campaign? She has been the nominee for the last four years and now...well, she's tanked in a way reminiscent of the the Mets last year:

A new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll suggests the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination between Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois is a statistical dead heat in Texas, which holds primaries March 4.

In the survey, out Monday, 50 percent of likely Democratic primary voters support Clinton as their choice for the party's nominee, with 48 percent backing Obama.

But taking into account the poll's sampling error of plus or minus 4½ percentage points for Democratic respondents, the race is a virtual tie.

Two recent polls by other organizations also show the race statistically even. Map: National and state polling
I have to say, as a political junkie, this is awesome. Hillary was the one, the can't miss and along comes the rookie upstart and he gets his shot to play, he goes 1-2 the first game with an RBI. The next game, he goes 2-3 with two stolen bases and a great play in the field. The fans start to say: damn, that dude is pretty good. He's young, fleet and hungry.

The vet comes back and goes 0-4, the crowd titters. The next night, the vet goes 0-5 and strikes out three times due to the pressure. The crowd starts chanting for the rookie and the rest is history.

It's official, Hillary is Wally Pipp.

Hillary's headache equivalent was her taking everything for granted.

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KurtP said...

Well, at least the Dems HAVE a choice next month.
All my choices were taken away by the final talley on Super Tuesday.
I probably won't even bother to vote in the primaries.