Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Goracle Scenario

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It seems too damn good to be true, Al Gore rides to the rescue of the Democratic party to win at the convention:

The last time a political convention went to a second ballot was 1952, but this is a year with so many twists and turns that nothing is impossible. Gore would be tempted on so many levels. He would only have to endure two months of campaigning, not long enough for voters to remember what they didn't like about him eight years ago. Gore has sat out the primary process, refusing to offer even so much as a hint of where his sentiments lie. Years of playing second-fiddle to Hillary in the White House no doubt precluded his endorsement for her. Surely he would happily take Obama as his running mate, ending the Clinton dynasty and positioning the Democrats for a potential 16-year reign at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. A Gore-Obama ticket would be unstoppable, the thinking goes, matching the presumptive Republican nominee, McCain, on national security and experience, while embodying a powerful message of change.

The Gore second-ballot scenario isn't being seriously considered by Democratic Party leaders (as far as we know). But a number of individual high-profile Democrats are talking about it, along with any number of other ideas to end the seemingly intractable stalemate.
Please let this happen, please. Gore is at least as unelectable as Hillary and will not come close to appeasing the base. The media has potrayed Gore as a mythical being when discussing global warming and his ill-gotten Nobel, yat the same old guard of the Democratic party is hoping he makes and appearance including the author--Eleanor Clift--who should know better.

Gore has never appealed to anyone but the elitists of the party and the American people are not exactly energized about him. He gained more votes that Bush in 2000 simply because of the national good will for Bill Clinton (tell me that good will hasn't been squandered). He was a horrible candidate at best and would be a nightmare in the general. People won't give a damn about global warming--especially if McCain refutes the inane rambings with actual facts and puts Gore on the defensive--if the economy is down and jobs are being lost. In other words, Gore would be nothing but a one-issue candidate because he's spent the last eight years talking about one thing.

If the Dems are leaning toward Gore as the savior we'd have the Messiah versus the Goracle versus the Glacier. Fun times indeed.

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KurtP said...

Except that McCain isn't only on the same boat as the Goracle, hes got his hands on the wheel.
Remember that McCain-Leiberman bill that will slap an additional 50 cents a gallon tax for exotic energy research, whil forbidding any additional production of fossle fuel.